4 Tips To Sell Your Diabetic Test Strips in Phoenix

4 Tips To Sell Your Diabetic Test Strips in Phoenix

We get asked this question quite often, “how can I sell my diabetic test strips for the best price in Phoenix?” and we want to help by providing some tips to help you get the most cash when you sell your diabetic test strips here in the Phoenix area.

Whether you have friends or relatives that no longer use them, or you regularly get extra strips that you don’t use, have loved ones that have passed away and had extra boxes, or just don’t need them anymore, here are 4 tips to get the best price when selling your test strips in the Phoenix area:

  1. Don't Wait To Sell Them
    When you receive your strips and know you won't be using them all, if you just get extras regularly or if you come across extra diabetic test strips you want to sell, contact us as soon as possible for a quote. Please note, the further out the expiration date the better, so the sooner you sell them after getting them, the more valuable they are. Expired test strips are virtually worthless.
  2. Do NOT Remove Prescription Labels
    If your test strip boxes have prescription labels attached, do not remove them unless they peel off very easily. Many prescription labels rip or damage the boxes and lowers the value of the strips considerably. If you are concerned about your privacy, please carefully use a market to cover your personal information on the label taking care not to mark the box in any way. Reputable companies have methods to easily remove the labels without any damage to the boxes. Please Note: every tear, puncture, dent, mark, rip or any damage to the boxes reduces their value. And here is another tip, the longer the labels stay on the boxes, the harder they are to remove. Another reason no to wait if you plan to sell them.
  3. Store Your Boxes In A Cool, Safe Place
    To maintain the highest value, keep your test strips in a safe, dry and cool area. It's best to keep them away from extreme heat or cold, and keep them in a sturdy box to avoid bending corners or denting. Also, keeping them in a closet higher up keeps them safe and out of the way of children, animals and others to maintain the value of your test strips.
  4. Select a Reliable Local Company in Phoenix To Sell To That Pays a Fair Price
    Many in the Phoenix area that buy diabetic strips often quote low prices because they are middle men that sell to other local buyers. Others may also quote low prices or charge pickup fees. If you shop around a little and find a company that not only quotes a fair price, has a good reputation, offers free pickup and often the same day, and even better, a company that buys test strips with as little as a 3 month expiration date. Call the company and try out their customer service, if they do what they say they will do, look for testimonials from other sellers in the Phoenix area and see if you’re comfortable.

We here at Cash For Strips have been buying test strips in the Phoenix, AZ area for over 7 years and we take pride in paying top dollar for your diabetic test strips, offering fast, friendly and free pickup and cash on the spot. Most of our sellers are regulars and we are grateful to call many friends. You can see some of their feedback here on our site. We also buy test strips with as short an expiration date as 3 months as well as buying other diabetic supplies, something most other buyers in the Phoenix area don’t offer. Give us a call at 602-325-3397 or use our contact form and find out how much more cash you can get when you sell your test strips in Phoenix today!

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