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Frequently Asked Questions

Most all questions we get asked regularly are found below to save you time. However, if you can’t find an answer, please reache out to us on our contact us page!

We buy the following brands of diabetic test strips and supplies:

Accu Chek Aviva Plus, Accu Chek Smartview, Freestyle Lite, Freestyle, One Touch Ultra Blue, One Touch Verio, Contour and Contour Next, and Medtronic Quick sets.  We also buy Omnipods and Dexcom G4 and G6 Pump supplies.

Pricing is always based on condition and expiration date. To get an immediate quote and submit your boxes to us, visit our sell test strips page.

We can receive boxes with some minor damage including minor creases or dents.  If there is a broken seal, a crushed box, or a tear on the box larger than the size of a dime we cannot buy that product. 

Most of the boxes we receive are mint condition boxes, however, there are times we have to reassess the value of a box due to damage.  Most often this damage can occur while shipping (see how should I ship my boxes below) or when attempting to remove labels (see should I remove the labels? below). We do our best to add pictures of any damage to your online account associated with your quote and send out an adjustment email so that you are aware of the reason for the change of price.

Selling your test strips is easy! First, put together the boxes you wanted to sell and get an immediate qoute for their condition and expiration date on our website. Since every manufacturer, expiration date and box condition is different, each has a different value.

Next, if your boxes have a script label on it, you may use a soft black felt marker, carefully cover your personal information if you wanted to. This is optional as we discard all prescription labels regardless and never share your personal information.

And lastly, pack your test strip boxes in a sturdy box (not a padded envelope) and send them to us.

You can select to ship your boxes using your own postage and be reimbursed for your postage or receive a pre-paid label emailed to you that you can print and tape to your box and drop off at any post office.

If you are sending your boxes yourself, there is a label is on the 2nd page of the packing slip you print after getting your qoute and then put your packing slip inside your box so we can match your shipment with your quote and process and pay you in a timelymanner.

If you don’t have a printer, just write your name, email address and order number on a piece of paper and put it inside your box. Then ship your box and wait for us to receive them. We normally process payment the same day or next day or latest within 1business day of receiving your boxes.

Yes, it is legal to buy and sell diabetic test strips since they are normally sold over the counter or provided by an insurance company without a prescription. The only strips that cannot be bought or sold are boxes that mention DME, Medicaid or Medicare on them. Any other supplies including diabetic test strips, lancets, insulin pumps and reservoirs, as long as they are new, not expired and sealed, can be bought and sold.

Please ship in a hard sided box and add some packing materials as these are much less to likely to damage boxes.  Mailing in an envelope or bubble mailer results in the most damage to the boxes most every time. We want to pay you the very most for your product, so please ship with care.

Most damage occurs to boxes when trying to remove the labels.  We would prefer that you leave the labels as they are on the box. We will remove and discard all labels.  We do not retain your information, and we do not share your information with any 3rd parties. 

We offer three options for payment.  The quickest payment option would be through Zelle.  This is a direct transfer from us to your bank account.  Customers generally receive their payment within a few minutes with no fees assessed. Please make sure to add the correct email or phone associated with your account. Zelle is available for most all US based banks and just takes a few minutes to register. If you are new to Zelle, it may take 1-2 business days to activate your account.

Paypal is the second fastest option, there is a small fee that PayPal takes for offering this service.   Please make sure you have a valid and active account with PayPal before choosing this option. Also make sure you enter the correct email address to avoid any delays.  

Finally we also offer a check option.  This takes the longest as we have to write out the checks and mail them.  Depending on where it is being sent and the restraints of the post office this could take up to 10 days.  If you choose this option, please make sure you are looking for your envelope from Cash for Strips.

We process packages within 1 business day of receiving them. Depending on which method you choose for payment will affect how quickly you receive your money.  See Payment Options for further details.

Yes, you can sell diabetic test strips and supplies near you anywhere in the U.S. Just get a quick quote on our website, ship them to us and get paid for your diabetic test strips and supplies! You can request a pre-paid shipping label so you can just pack up your boxes and drop them off at any post office or we’ll reimburse your shipping if you ship yourself! Sell your test strips now.

You may contatact us Monday – Friday from 9-6 central standard time.  You can reach us at 602-726-9773. We are a small business, so if we don’t answer please leave a message and we will return your call quickly. You can also email us from our contact page 24/7 and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  We value you as a customer and look forward to working with you. 

We do! You can either choose to send your supplies yourself and we will reimburse your postage costs (USPS First Class or Priority only) or you can select a pre-paid shipping label emailed to you immediately after you submit your quote – just tape it to your box and drop it of at any post office!

We pride ourselves on our quick turn around and honest business practices.  We strive to get every transaction handled in a timely fashion. We have been in this business for over a decade, and do everything we can to keep our customers happy.  Unlike many other websites, we are available to answer any questions that aren’t listed here, we answer our phone and we do our very best to make sure each customer gets a timely and personal response. 

All data you submit to us is held in strict confidence and never shared with 3rd parties. We only use your information to process your supplies and make payment to you. We use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology on our website that secures any data you submit to us.

We have all the products listed on our site that we buy.  Please make sure that you select the correct brand and type of boxes so that this isn’t an issue.  We are not able to send back boxes that are sent to us that we don’t buy. These boxes will be donated to a local charity that can use them if possible. 

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Cash for Strips buys diabetic supplies including test strips, lancets, reservoirs, pumps, sensors, quick sets and more. We buy diabetic test strips and pay you top dollar, cash for strips! If you sell test strips, we can buy them. Get an instant quote, submit your strips and get paid quickly, normally within 1 business day. Get a quote now!

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