How To Sell Short Dated or Damaged Diabetic Test Strip Boxes

How To Sell Short Dated or Damaged Diabetic Test Strip Boxes

One of the most popular types of question we get is whether or not you can sell your damaged or short dated diabetic test strip boxes.

Short Dated Test Strips

If you're not familiar with the term, short dated means that the box is very close to expiring and the date is shorter than any other company will buy. Damaged test strip boxes can be best described as having 'dents', 'cracks' and most anything other than an actual hole in the box. If the box is ripped open, that is not defined as damaged and cannot be purchased.

For example, if you have test strips boxes with an expiration date 3 months from now, we can buy them. In fact, we can buy diabetic test strip boxes with an expiration date of as short as 2 months from the day you sell them to us.

Selling Damaged Test Strips

And if your boxes have dents, are crushed on one or more sides or have cracks, we can buy those also. As long as the boxes aren't ripped open and have a hole in them, we can buy your test strips here in the Phoenix area as well.

Or course, things happen - but doing anything you can to keep your test strip boxes in as new condition as possible and selling them to us with as long of an expiration date as possible will always give you the most value in return for your boxes.

Here at Cash For Strips have been buying test strips in the Phoenix, AZ area for over 8 years now and take pride in paying top dollar for your diabetic test strips, offering fast, friendly, free pickup and pay cash. Most of our sellers are regulars that receive extra test strips monthly and we are grateful to call many friends. You can view some of their feedback here on our site. We also buy other diabetic supplies including monitors and name brand lancets, something most other buyers in the Phoenix area don't do. Just call us at 602-325-3397 or use our contact form and find out how much more cash you can get when you sell your test strips near me in Phoenix today!

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