Now Buying Insulin Supplies in Phoenix

After many requests from our test strip suppliers and customers, we can now buy Insulin Pump Equipment including the Medtronic Insulin Reservoir and the Quick Set Infusion Set here in Phoenix at Cash for Strips. Many of our suppliers that sell us test strips also have extra insulin supplies they would like to sell as […]

Who Buys Diabetic Test Strips Near Me?

Many that are looking to sell their extra test strips often ask, “who buys diabetic test strips near me?” If you are asking that question and live the the Phoenix, AZ valley or metro area, look no further! We’re grateful to be able to help pay you cash for your extra diabetic test strips. Regardless […]

Who Buys Diabetic Test Strips In Phoenix?

This is a question often asked by those in the Phoenix, AZ area looking to sell their extra diabetic test strips.Whether they have excess test strips, a change in prescriptions, a new meter, helping a loved one or patient that no longer needs them, if the strips are not expired, they can help others by […]